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you know those commercials for cars that start with someone driving really fast ?

Then it cuts to b-roll of something awesome like the beach or horses running and then the logo pops up with some line about adventure?

Yeah... our company, we're not that. So if that's what you were expecting...our bad.

We're a management company for artists.. but sometimes for all creatives as well. We've worked with painters, photographers, writers and even speakers. We keep up with their projects, schedules, bookings, tours, release parties, albums, radio campaigns, social media platforms, merchandise releases and the pottery class they promised their moms they would take. 

We've had amazing opportunities to work alongside talented people and help to cast visions, build careers and make sure their keeping up with their dreams no matter how big or small. 

No artist is the same, and neither are projects, and we're always on board for the challenge. We've taken some losses and celebrated some extraordinary wins, but at the end of the day we're about trusting the process and creating to the best of our ability.

The average person has anywhere between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day , so just imagine what you could be creating.

The possibilities are endless. 

Especially when you have the right people to help you manage the chaos.

We're ready to get you to the next level , are you ready to keep up? 

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